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WOMB TO TOMB 2017-2021

Artist’s ongoing project: using the torso as a medium its content is defined as desire of eternity and describes finite life. Inspired by anatomy charts, ultrasound pictures and cell images, Minju Kim creates a unique landscape of body where life and death runs in a continuous loop. 

WEARABLE ART Available to rent

Open to commission, collaboration and fashion photography. 
Email for more details.

 Project Womb to Tomb 2017-2021 

A human is a ‘being of desire’ or a ‘desiring being’ (Fink 1995: 61). As Freud noted in Beyond the Principle of Pleasure (1975), the only subject that fulfills desire is ‘death’, which means that ‘desire’ is the driving force that keeps man alive. We are beings that are aroused by desire; we get life from it and take a quick glimpse of the world with this borrowed mortal body. Man is the creation of desire and the body is a facet of life that is expressed in visual images. It is created or observed by visual representation in our world. ‘Life is a door into existence: Life may be doomed but the continuity of existence is not. The nearness of this continuity and its heady quality are more powerful than the thought of death’ (Bataille 1986: pp. 23-24). If we are “discontinuous selves”, is it possible to fulfill our desire and reach a stage that is beyond comprehension?

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