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[ Fragment ] Coloured pencil drawing series

[ Poison Controller ] Digital illustration series; narrating the story of the contemporary human.


Reflecting the story of the contemporary human and foreseeing the possible future.

Triptych photography; audience can see their eyes through the gas mask mirror before or after they see the two girls in the pictures.  

WOMB TO TOMB 2017-2021

Artist’s on-going project: using the torso as a medium its content is defined as desire of eternity and describes finite life. Inspired by anatomy charts, ultrasound pictures and cell images, Minju Kim creates a unique landscape of body where life and death runs in a continuous loop. 

Available to rent

Open to commission, collaboration and fashion photography. 
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The Living Torso Project is a series of photographs that focus on drawing and contain the different types of body shapes and sizes in the same posture. The figures provide both form and content for the matter of gender. The selected body is described as a torso mannequin in the state of decomposition; no arms, legs and head. This means that it is exploring the human body both inner and outer by implementing a fragmented body. Acquiring the specific posture aims to reconstruct a deficient beauty and express an ambiguous boundary as taking a juxtaposition of male/female.